Cambelt Checks at MOTEST


The cambelt also called a timing belt is the component that keeps all of the engine parts in sync, when it fails pistons and valves can crash together resulting in significant engine damage. All have a date and mileage limitation which should not be exceeded.

Your timing belt can also drive your water pump, so MOTEST as good practice always replaces both components at the same time along with associated tensioners and bearings

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MOTEST has an exclusive lifetime warranty on cambelt and waterpumps when fitted.

If there are any claims made within the terms of the warranty* to the engine as a result of failure of the belt or water pump (where fitted) all damage will be corrected free of charge.

Warranty information

Professional Vehicle Repair with MOTEST


Book, get help or an estimate for any type of repair. We have many years experience with all types of repair, covering virtually all makes and models of cars and light vans.

This is only possible because of the highly skilled technicians on our staff.

Our pledge to you;

  • To always agree the most economical means of repair.
  • To always work to an agreed estimate.
  • Never go beyond estimate, unless during the repair additional work is necessary. We will contact you for confirmation before the additional work commences.
  • All repairs fully are guaranteed for 12 months, parts and labour.
  • Replaced parts will be available for you to view before disposal.
  • Estimates given on line are an approximation based on what you tell us. There may be other associated components that need replacing which will add to the cost.

Not sure what’s gone wrong with your car? – just tell us now!.

Don’t worry, just complete the form below with as many clues as possible, send it to us and we will take it from there. Helpful clues where relevant, such as a noise description/location or describing symptoms of the car’s poor performance can help us pinpoint what the issue might be.

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Welding at MOTEST

Despite car makers making huge strides in fighting rust on cars and van, it has never entirely gone away.

According to DVSA around 5% of all cars & vans will fail their MOT on some corrosion related issue. That’s roughly 1.5 million vehicles a year.

Many garages will not fix rust on cars as welding is a skilled job that needs great care and attention. However, many of the MOTEST branches will carry out rust repairs and save many good vehicles that would otherwise be scrapped.

Welding for rust repairs available at;

  • Bexhill

  • Crawley

  • Faversham

  • Tonbridge

  • Worthing

Brakes with MOTEST – a great no quibble guarantee!

When we replace both the brake discs and pads and your braking system is 100% efficient, you automatically qualify for our exclusive No Quibble 36/36 warranty (36 months or 36,000 miles) against defects or wear.

If neither are serviceable within the warranty period we will replace them without charge. Remember, unlike other brake warranties, ours covers the discs as well as the pads.

How does it work? 

It applies when you require new pads and discs and we fit Pagid or Apec branded parts only, which are of the highest quality and to OE specification.

Firstly we carry out a free complete brake inspection to ensure your braking system will be 100% efficient.

The principle checks are: 

  • Check brake fluid efficacy 
  • Wheel and bearings condition 
  • Check condition of discs/drums 
  • Check condition of brake pads/shoes 
  • Check caliper condition and operation 
  • Check wheel cylinder condition and operation 
  • Check handbrake cables 
  • Check brake hoses and pipes for condition and leaks. 

Once we have fitted any replacement parts including discs & pads and are satisfied the system is 100% efficient, you will automatically qualify for a full 36 month/36,000mile warranty with your invoice. If there are any claims within the terms of the warranty, we will replace the discs and pads completely FREE of charge.

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